Registration for Camps and Volunteers


Welcome to the online registration forms!

If at any time you have any questions or trouble with the registration, please contact us here.

*** For optimal viewing, we recommend you complete these forms on your desktop computer.  It is mobile-friendly, but there are multiple forms and boxes to select that some registrants are finding difficult to complete on their mobile devices.

Step one:

create account or login to existing account

You will create a login and password, please keep this info because you will be able to use this for all future ELBC registrations, donations, fundraiser tickets, etc.  

If you have created a login in the past, please select the “login”, do not create a new account.

step 2: COmplete the forms

Once you have logged in, please be sure to review your forms from last year and update any changes. It is especially important that you update the AGE and GRADE of the camper so we can assure they are placed in the correct cabins.

Your information is auto-saved so you can log out and return at anytime to complete your forms.

You may create as may profiles as you need to register yourself and family members. Please avoid creating duplicate profiles for your family members as this confuses your registration process.

Step 3: Payment

Payment options:  Credit Card, cheque, e-transfer or PayPal. Please be sure to read the payment page information as there are several things you need to know for payment.

Step 4: confirmation

Once your forms are submitted and deposit is received, we will send an email to confirm your registration in the camp(s) you requested.

If at any point you have questions about your registration, please contact us here.

Step 5: get ready for camp!

Now that you’re registered, you will get a welcome email outlining some important info for you and your child as you prepare for camp. While you’re waiting, you can check out our What To Pack printable !