welcome to our new registration forms!

All Campers and volunteers can register/apply here


please read before USING THE NEW


If you registered for a camp this summer, please select the “login” button below, do not create a new account. your profile is saved so you don’t need to enter it again.

*** For optimal efficiency, we recommend you complete these forms on your desktop computer.  It is mobile-friendly, but there are multiple forms and boxes to select that some registrants are finding difficult to complete on their mobile devices.

You will create a login and password, please keep this info because you will be able to use this for all future ELBC registrations, donations, fundraiser tickets, etc.  

Each family will need ONE LOGIN.  The primary parent/guardian will complete the first section, then can add camper/volunteer profiles.  You will need to complete the transaction including payment method BEFORE you can enter the next camper/volunteer profile.  Also please note that if you are registering multiple family members and paying by credit card, the system will make a separate charge for each person's cart.

If you are applying as a volunteer AND registering as a camper, check both boxes on the CHILD form that asks you how you are registering.  This way you fill out all the fields required for both camp and volunteering at once, you don't have to make a separate entry for each.

Payment options:  NEW - Credit Card payments!  You can still pay by cheque, e-transfer or PayPal.  For any method other than credit card, please use the PAY BY CHEQUE option.  It is a very small and light grey button to the right of the credit card payment button.  

To Pay by cheque: mail it to the address provided.

To pay by e-transfer: send to treasurer@elbc.co and use password: camprocks

To use PayPal: go to DONATE button the main page and enter the amount that is owing.  Please send an email to treasurer@elbc.co to let Laura know that the payment is for registration.

If you have any questions or problems with the forms, please contact Monique at director@elbc.co


Camper Fees

Camper fees are set low so that everyone can participate. We understand the financial strain on larger families. The maximum registration fee for any family will be $500 for each Youth Camp and Kids Camp. For example: if you have 3 children attending Youth Camp, your total cost will be $500, not $600; but if you have 3 children attending Youth Camp and 1 attending Kids Camp your cost would be a total of $685 ($500 for Youth Camp and $185 for Kids Camp).


Canteen is an extra cost and optional for all camps except for Kids Camp. For Kids Camp canteen is included in the registration price.